Want to Cut Your Property Taxes in Fort Bend County?

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Surprisingly, only 1 in 10 property owners protests their property tax, however, these number are expected to rise in the Fort Bend County appraisal district this year.

In the state of Texas, home sales prices are not public record, therefore, it is the appraisers responsibility to determine the appropriate value of the home.  This process can lead to some errors in the calculation of home values.

Two Distinct Factors to Consider: 

  1. Market Value
  2. Appraised Value

What Do You Need to Do in Order to Cut Your Property Taxes in Fort Bend County?

Unless you have the knowledge and expertise to handle property tax protest yourself, it is best to consult a savvy lawyer who has years of experience handling property tax protest cases in Fort Bend County. It is also important the the paperwork is filed before the May 31st deadline. To learn more about how to reduce your property taxes in Fort Bend County, contact the Law Firm of Yong J. An today, call or text Yong at (832) 428-5679. Yong is available 24/7 and on weekends to take your phone call.

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